y Donor letter to The Moore Family

The Living Legacy Foundation

Second chances. Infinite hope.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Moore and family,

On behalf of everyone at the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland, I would like to express our condolences on the loss of your son, Mr. Kristofer Moore. Your patience and generosity was shown through the decision to allow him to give the giftof life to others. It is because of families such as yours, who remain thoughtful in the midst of tremendous grief, that others are given a second chance at life. We hope the outcome of his gift will serve a purpose for you during this time of healing. As you will see, Kristofer's desire to give to others truly made a difference in the lives of suffering individuals and the people who love them.

A man from the mid-Atlantic region in his mid-forties was able to regain his life through the gift of Kristofer's liver. He is married with three young children ages three, seven and nine. Both he and his wife are employed through the government and work in international affairs. The transplant is functioning very well.

Kristofer was able to give the gift of a left kidney to a woman in her mid-thirties from the mid-Atlantic region. She was diagnosed with polysystic kidney disease, which is the fourth leading case of kidney failure in the US. She is married with a 15 year old daughter and two step-children. She had previously worked in the funeral home business. Her interests include walking.

The gift of Kristofer's the right kidney was able to give life to a male, also living in the mid-Atlantic region, in his mid fifties. He has been married for thirty-three years, with one daughter and three grandchildren. He is a truck driver and enjoys working on old cars.

Kristofer was also able to help numerous others through the gift of research. His bladder will be used to study urinary incontinence and overactive bladder to find new medications and treatment for those suffering from the diseases.

Again, we would like to thank you for making this most generous decision at such a difficult time in your own life. Please rest assured that his gift has significantly benefited an untold number of recipients and their families by allowing them to realize the hope of healing and the reality of a normal life. Your decision is a lasting testament to the memory of Kristofer and to your immense fortitude and inner strength at such a difficult time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Jennifer R. Easterday
Family Advocate
Living Legacy Fondation
formerly Transplant Resource Center of Maryland

1730 Twin Springs Road
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21227