Ronnie, David, Angela, Randy, Ken and Nick. You are not only our son and daughter in laws but you are family that will be with us forever. You have brought so many good qualities to our family and we will always love you for that. When it came down to it you all had an important part in helping us get through this tragic time.

Ronnie, You not only have been our son in law the longest but you have helped our family through thick and thin. You have been by Valerie's side through it all. We don't tell you this to often but we love you so much for everything you have done for our family. You have been more than a brother-in-law to our sons; you have been one of their best friends, you are like a brother to them. The countless time you have put them before yourself is something we admire most about you. Thank you for everything you have done for us Ronnie.

David, You have married one of the smartest, most beautiful girls in the world. You were there for Melissa when she needed you most and we are happy to say you are related to us. You have been a great influence on our family and we will always be forever grateful for that.  Continue to be the great man you are and enjoy every day with Melissa and your family.  We love you all.

Angela, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to call you our daughter-in-law. You are the reason why Jason smiles everyday, we want to thank you for that. We also want to tell you how much we appreciate what you did for our family at the funeral. Reading that letter I wrote to Kristofer was something I couldn't have done let alone anyone else in the family. It sounded so good when you read that letter to Kristofer. We thank you for that.

Randy, we have known you since you were a little boy. We remember when you and your brother would sneak over to our house and hide under the beds just to spend the night. You are like another son to us.  When we got the call from Amy saying you were going to get married we couldn't have been happier for you both.  It's not everyday our daughter gets to marry her high school sweetheart.  You spent the last year of Kristofer's life with him. You and Kristofer were best friends. He always enjoyed the fishing and boating trip you all took together. He would always tells us how much fun you all had together. Thank for being there for Kristofer, you will never know how much that meant to him. Thank you for being you, Randy.

Ken, you are the newest addition to our family. We remember when Katrina first met you, she couldn't stop talking about how great you were. We saw that during the time when she needed you most. You were not only there for her but the rest of our family. You are the luckiest man ever; you have one of our daughters. We can rest at night knowing you will take care of Katrina always. Thank you for that, we love you.

Nick, when you married our daughter, Jennifer, we saw how happy she was. You were there for her when she didn't think she could get through this. You have helped our family in more ways than you will ever know. We are glad to have you as part of our family. Keep doing what you do Nick, take good care of our daughter like we know you will.

To all of you, We are the proudest parents in the world; having a family like we do is priceless. You are the reason my kids stay so happy. Thank you so much for everything you all do for our family, We Love every one of you unconditionally.

Love Always and Forever,