He was our son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson and a friend. He was a country boy at heart. Although everyone thought he loved the big town, his dream was to move back to the country.  He loved his vehicles.  Kristofer would always wash his car no matter what time of day it was.  If his car had any kind of spots on it he would be out there with a towel and cleaning supplies getting it spotless for the night.  Kris loved to sleep, on his tombstone the words "Shhh.  I'm Sleeping" is displayed.

Kristofer was currently working as a Security Guard full time and just waiting patiently to enter the Military just like his brothers and sisters did.

Kris would always conviently be around when someone was going to lunch or dinner.  When he was asked if he wanted to come he would always say yes.  When it came time to pay his wallet was no where to be found.  That was our Kristofer, always finding ways to save "his money."

He would want to be remembered as a young man who loved life and all the excitement of living it to the fullest. In the pages that follow, we hope you get to know him a little better. May you keep his spirit in your heart forever.

Remember him this way....


A Week before Kristofer was in the accident he did something very special for his brothers. Kristofer was never really the type of person to buy small gifts to be remembered for. Kris went to the store "Things Remembered" and bought Jason, Bryan, and Brandon mugs with their football team logo on the front. He told Brandon what he had done and said the following week when he got paid he was taking them back to get their names engraved on the front. Kris passed away before he could send them to the boys but they all received what Kris bought them and they will be treasured forever. Kristofer, Thank you for doing that and it meant the world to your brothers.

The morning before his accident Kristofer asked his sister, Lisa, to play catch with the football. This was a first for Kris and him and Lisa went out back to throw the football back and forth. After that Kristofer, Lisa and Brandon all went to lunch.

We think Kristofer knew something we all didn't know, almost like GOD was sending Kris a sign. He was the best son and brother anyone could ever ask for. We will miss him truly and look forward to joining him one day.