Letters to Kristofer


~August 25, 2008 @ 3:39 pm


Almost one year...how fast it goes by. Kris, what were you thinkning that night? I can only imagine how you felt that night. The pain (all the broken bones, clasped lungs, gasping for your last breath, afraid of dying alone). I know you could hear us talking to you when you laid peacefully in the hospital bed...listening to us talk as you could say nothing. I wonder if you were sreaming I'm here please don't go or just hold my hand and tell me I'll be ok. I remember Jason tickling the bottom of your feet. You were still with us because you lifted your legs all the way to your chest. I remember saying, "Kris, just open your eyes then I'll know you be ok". Your life was taken so soon. You were just starting the best years of your life. Kris I hope you find your soul mate. I hope you are happy. I hope you don't worry about us. I hope you get to relax, sleep when you want. I hope you can still dream. I hope you always remember us. Help us to always to remember you. I hope you will meet us all when it is our time to see you again.

MelissaJuly 27, 2008 @ 9:31 pm


Well today is one of those days that seems to be real hard. I have just been thinking about you all day long. I know you are doing well though. You are always in all our thoughts and prayers. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and saw all the balloons that were released for you. Love you more than words can ever say. Please watch over all of us!! Love, Melissa xoxoxoxoxo

AmyJuly 23, 2008 @ 12:16 am

Dear Kris,

you might want to join Bryan tomorrow...as Jason said,"He's gonna be sick!" After all wasn't it Bryan who had to leave the boat at Lake Powell and lay down on the rock cause he was sea sick...lol... all those waves...ugg... just kidding Bryan... Kris will be with ya! I'm sure that's right up his alley:o) Have fun...hope you had a great Birthday Kris! We let off balloons and went to Chineese (the one you and I always went to for lunch) and would you believe they put us in the same spot that you and I always sat in...:o( good memories though... Love ya~Amy

BrendaJuly 22, 2008 @ 11:26 pm

Dear Kris,

I hope your birthday was great. I hope you saw all of the balloons Katie & I let go for you. Today was so sad. Watched your video and tried to think about only the good times. We received gifts for you today....balloons from some of the kids, flowers and balloons from Amy & Randy, a beautiful stone cross from Jason & Debra, several cards, balloon from Stacy and the girls. See people still think about you just like we do. Yafet & Catherine sent a beautiful glass oil candle that was engraved. Jim & Carol had their festival this past week-end. They had a booth about organ donation and had a great sign in memory of you on the front. People can really be thoughtful. I know that you will be flying with your brother on Friday, Make sure he lands safely. By the way Bryan the only food that taste the same going down as it does coming up is.....strawberry ice cream. Sweet dreams Kris and remember we all love you beyond words......Love, Mom

JasonJuly 22, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

Oh ya Bryan, make sure not to eat anything for breakfast. BUT if you do make that mistake make sure to eat something that taste the same going down as it will coming up.

JasonJuly 22, 2008 @ 10:35 pm

Kris, Bryan will be as close to you as anyone tomorrow. Please keep a watch over him especially when he starts to throw-up. Lord knows mach 1.5 will make him wish is was with you ;) Bryan can't even drive a car faster than 40 mph without getting sick. Well at least we get to see the video and see for ourselves. Bryan - don't forget to clean up the cockpit after your done. HAVE FUN! We will all be with you.

BryanJuly 22, 2008 @ 9:43 pm

Kristofer, Well just wanted to say Happy 21st Birthday. I am sure glad that I took you out gambling before you even truned 21 and I remember when you won that money, you sure had a big smile on your face. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know tomorrow Im getting my incentive flight on the F-15 and we will be going up 70,000 feet in the air, that's only military airspace. Also we will be going as close to mach 1.5 as possible, thats near 900 miles an hour. I made sure I got my chamber card so I could fly that high, I guess its the closest I can get to you until we meet again. Feel free to join us for the ride of a lifetime. Always think about us and know we will always love you always and forever. Love Always, Bryan S. Moore

JasonJuly 22, 2008 @ 9:01 pm

Happy 21st Birthday Kris. I miss you more and more everyday. Love, Jason, Angela, Matthew, Gracie

Val, Ron and BrandonJuly 22, 2008 @ 5:55 pm

Happy Birthday Kristofer...Enjoy the Las Vegas Place in heaven. We know there must be a place like that because that would really be your kind of heaven (Brandon says it must have tons of girls!) Love, All of Us

andreaJuly 22, 2008 @ 11:13 am

happy 21st birthday kris. wish you were here. i love you and miss you so much.

have a wonderful birthday!

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