Our Letters To  Kristofer:

Dear Kris,

I sit here at night working on your website and I can't understand why you are gone. I keep going over what happened in my head and only if I could have called you that night, maybe stopped you for a few minutes before you went out for the night, and you would of never been in this situation. I wish I could see you again and tell you how much I really liked hanging out with you. All I wanted for you was to succeed like everyone else in the family did. I will always keep in my head what mom and dad told us all, God needed you more than we did. I know you are up there in Heaven doing everything..Just make time for us too..cause I am looking forward to you visiting us again, even if it is in my dreams.

You better get used to all these messages because you will be getting a lot I have a feeling. I hope you like what we have all done for you; this site is dedicated to you and to show you how much we all cared and how much we will never forget you. You know Iím still waiting for my sign, aka lotto numbers :-). And let me be the first to say that WHEN I win the lottery the first $47,000 is going towards your statue. I already got a price quoted....that will include life size in bronze, shipping and setting it up...I hope the cemetery donít mind...I have always wanted one but when I pass mine is gonna be like yours but I will be holding an LCD screen showing videos and pictures of my life, and of course I will have the solar panels in the back to keep it powered up.

Kris, the idea that you will never be here is so hard...I tried to go to Best Buy again yesterday but I have only managed to get to the parking lot and I cant seem to get out of the truck....I miss going there with you. We did that every weekend this last year...it's just not the same as when you were here. I am going to miss the Thanksgiving overnighters at Best Buy waiting for the good deals...

Kris, I want to apologize again for not making a website for you while you were with us, I remember you asking me always and all I could come up with was a 1 hour version of a webpage. I know you didn't like it but you thanked me still....So I hope you are really happy for the website we all put together for you. I was not the only one who made this; the entire family had a part in this website...even down to the songs that are on here. Kris, I will never let this site go away and it will always be visited by the entire family. You know Kris you gave me a reason to visit you so much in Utah, I loved hanging out with you...even when we got mad at each other on the boat. I look at our family and I see the Jason and Brandon turned out alike...I feel honored to see that you and I are just alike...all the way down to the "Bryan Pose" You will always be in my thoughts and there will never be a day I donít think about all the good times we had together.

I love you Kris and you have showed me that we need to say that more to the ones we truly care about. Love,

Bryan S. Moore