Our Letters To  Kristofer:

Dear Kris,

First off your were most of the time so nice to me I'm going to miss you being here. I remember everyone nagging you to get through high school and do your homework but now it doesn't matter anymore but i loved that day when we went to watch you graduate from Damascus.. i can remember like it was yesterday hearing your name being called and we just screamed and yelled.. =] When you came back to Arkansas for a couple of weeks i think we had the best time ever together we actually went places together we would have never done that before. I remember going to sonic, and Wal-Mart every night. miss it.. im so glade that i got to spend your last birthday with you i will always remember that day and esp. riding the four-wheeler that night lol. So much fun. and my most fav time with you kris was when we had that day to drive to Maryland together..haha i remember going in to get you a drink and you argued with me about your mountain dew being caffeine free. we must have argued for like 30 min over it.  lol then we finally stopped and got you a new one.. i did like the song Party like a rock star until you made us listen to it the whole way there lol. don't forget to party up there with all the girls lol  Do you remember when you said "I want it to rain" and it started poring lol.  So funny but i would NEVER trade that day for anything don't for get to pop up in my dreams everyone in a while lol i would be wonderful to see you again :) me mom dad and and I go see your grave site every Sunday and we put you up a x mass tree it so cute. I miss you like crazy and cant wait to see you in heaven.. and one thing i regret not ever saying to you.. i love you more than you know kris even though i didn't say it much i wish i did. .Love You

Danielle N. Moore