Our Letters To  Kristofer:

Dear Kris,

As the days go by and I come to the realization that you are not going to walk through the front door and ask “Let’s throw the football, or let’s shoot some hoops” the pain of losing you continues to come back. In the last couple of years you may not have known it but all I all wanted for you was for you to succeed, succeed in everything you set your mind to, succeed in life. My job and an older brother was to protect you and I tried to everyday of my life. I still remember telling you not to enter the Army, I know I was selfish for doing this, but I truly did not want to ever get that call like I did that night. I still remember like it was yesterday, the call I got from Alycia saying “Is he alright?” That memory will be with me forever. All I remember was telling myself to stay calm (mostly because you know how the girls react) and get to you as quickly as possible. You will never know what that night was like. As we arrived we were luckily enough to be able to sit with you and make sure you knew were there with you no matter what. That was what I wanted most of all, for you to not have fear to leave us no matter how much you wanted to fight. And fight you did, I can see you now tell everyone in heaven to get away from you until you got to see your family. I know this happen because that is what each and every one of us would have done. I hope that you got peace as you saw us there by your bed, praying and saying as the girls like to say “not goodbye, but see you later”. I wanted so much for you, so much more than I ever wanted for myself. You may never have realized it but you were my one of my best friends, as is Bryan and Brandon. We never really say that to each other much, but we always know it. I like to think about all the great times we had together and most of them are playing sports or “paintball”. Speaking of paintball, you did learn one lesson from me and that is never turn you back on someone with one shot left and a tank full of CO2. Brandon has yet to make that mistake, thanks for taking one for the team that day Kris, Brandon will be forever thankful. I also want to tell you that the gift you bought all of us will be something that I will treasure forever. All I have to ask is, “A flask?” How many times did you see me with a flask? Even Brandon and Bryan had know explanation on that one. Know this; the next time I see you, you better have an answer. What I will miss most are the Xbox games we all played together, everyone knew it was our special time together (even Angela), it will never be the same. Especially since me, Ronnie, and Bryan will have to come to the reality that Brandon will never lose. We could always count on you Kris to take Brandon out when his head could not get any bigger and was hiding in wait for Ronnie to show up in the same spot for the 1,000 time. Ronnie, it will have to be me and you for now on, especially because we know Bryan is only good for a life expectancy of about 1 sec.

To my family, Even though we never really say it to each other, I love all of you and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of each and every one of you. Especially you Brandon, I know you feel like it is your fault, but there is not a person out there that feels the same, Kris could talk anyone into anything. Remember he takes after Bryan, the same guy that could sell a car salesman his own car. There is not a day that will go by that I don’t feel the same pain you feel, remember this, It is not your fault.

In closing Kris, keep and good watch on all of us and protect us as we fight to come to grips with not having you by us. Also let Bryan know the next lotto numbers, for some reason he thinks you can now see the future. I have never read in the Bible where it said that those who have arrived in heaven get an advance copy of the next lotto numbers. Well Bryan, here’s for hoping. Oh ya Kris, no small jackpots; Bryan does not want anything less than $300 million. Bryan, still watching out for you. ;) KRIS, I Love you more than you will ever know…..Goodbye, see you soon. Love,

Jason C. Moore