Our Letters To  Kristofer:

Dear Kris,

I've learned a lot from you. There were things in live that I was afraid of, dying for one...not anymore. I know now that this is just the beginning. I was afraid you would be alone in heaven but you won't be... ;0) you are so brave. I'm trying to look at life different now. Be a better person. I have to tell you something funny. I think everyone thinks I'm crazy like mom would say but I truly believe you gave me a sign. You just passed away and I had just gone to bed. I prayed (now I pray every night) for you to give me a sign that you are in Heaven and happy now. As I was falling asleep I was thinking about you. I was telling you to let me know that you made it to Heaven then I saw the BRIGHTEST LIGHT. I was taken back by what just happened...then I heard my phone ring. Ken had put my phone on the loud ringer but it didn't go off just the light did at first then it rang. Thank you for doing that Kris. I went back to the hospital on Monday to give the nurses something. I saw the room you were in. I miss you being there. It was empty. Two of the girls that watched you were there, Leanne & Heather. They told me you saved three lives. I got really emotional but I was so happy that you helped other families. I called up Dad and told him. Kris he is so proud of you. I think he tells everyone he meets that you gave life so someone else could live. That's what God put you here for Kris. That's the best gift ever. I read something in a book a few days ago. It said, sometimes God takes away something to make you realize how special life is. Cherish every moment of it. I will. Until then, I love you Kristofer. I wish you much happiness. With all my love,

Katrina N. Graham