Our Letters To  Kristofer:

Dear Kris,

I still find the very idea of all that has happened too much to believe. All I know was I walked into that trauma unit and in all my heart I thought you would just wake up in the morning and I would take you home. (Yes, some yelling would have occurred!)

I guess that is why this is so very hard for me to actually believe you are above watching us. I want to think the feeling I still have-- that you are at Mom and Dad's or with Amy and Randy is your way of helping me deal with something so tragic. I still feel in my heart that you will just walk in someday soon, and ask what's for dinner and did you get any Mt. Dew. I want to hope it is far harder for the ones left behind and that you will have the greatest experiences, feelings and afterlife possible... just waiting for the family to arrive. The older siblings in the family have always found it hard to show affection towards each other, but I hope down deep in your soul you know each and everyone of us love you and will continue to love you for eternity.

Valerie M. Brannan