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KatrinaOctober 27, 2007 @ 6:00 am


I have another car story...I remember your Focus just died. You needed a car to get to work. This is when Dad & Mom where sick for a few months. So I decided to let you barrow my Plymouth Breeze. When you came home from work one night you showed me something. We went outside and there it was a new red scratch on my car. I asked you how it got said "I don't know I was at work." I still think you hit something. Kris, for some reason I didn't yell or sream at you. I was like oh well.

KatrinaOctober 27, 2007 @ 5:55 am

Hi Kirs,

I've been thinking of what to say. I remember in High School all of your friends had a car. I had just paid off my Blue Focus (I guess what you would consider a girly car). I ended up buying a new car from Val. I decided I would give you my Focus which was pretty new still. Somehow you manged to break that car. It stopped running. Mom thinks because it looked like a girls car you didn't care what happened to it. I remember you asking me to trade my Plymouth Breeze for that Focus. I didn't understand why...the Focus looked 100% better than my Plymouth Brezze (but it didn't look girly). :0)

Annapolis, MD
Bryan S. MoreOctober 26, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

It makes me laugh everytime I think about this. You could get away with this with anyone in the family except me. When you went to eat with anyone and your never could find your wallet when it came time to order and pay for the food everyone else would say, I got yours Kris. But somehow that didn't work with me. I can remember we were at Taco Time and I ordered first as usual and I told you to go ahead and order your food. You had a smile on your face and i know you were thinking, wow Bryan is going to pay, this is nice. After you ordered I looked at you and said, "Oops, I have no money." You tried to say that back to me but I said, alright, lets go then. It wasn't 5 seconds later you pulled out some cash our of your pocket and paid for our dinner. That worked all the time on you. I guess you learned that from me but I need to let you know can't use that scam on the person who came up with it in the first place. The secret Kris to get me to pay would have been agreeing to leave and if you started walking off I would of paid eventually. Love you Kris.

Las Vegas
Bryan S. MooreOctober 25, 2007 @ 11:20 pm

Kris, I sit here thinking about all the good times we had together. Remember a few years ago when you called Ronnie and myself and said you were at Best was thanksgiving night around 10:30. You told us you were in line and you were going to stay there all night so you can get the good deals in the morning. Well Ronnie and I joined you about 30 minutes later with chairs, blankets, and food. We all stayed out there all night till the next morning, freezing too. They opened Best Buy up at 5 in the morning and we bought so much stuff. We had Ronnie's truck filled with plasma TV's, Comptuers, Laptops, and everything else we could get our hands on. Then as we started loading it up in front of the store the News Lady was out there filming a story and she asked us some questions. We were all on TV that morning with the truck filled with electronics. Kris, that was one of the best nights ever...I know Ronnie even enjoyed that as well. Thanks for calling us that night and telling us to come down, that is something I will always treasure for ever.

Las Vegas
Amy ChesleyOctober 25, 2007 @ 9:18 am

Then there was Thanksgiving.... Mom came to my house for this day. Although we had NO and I mean No cooking pans, silver ware, ect. she still managed to make us a ThanksGiving dinner. Kris couldn't wait for her to get here to cook. Cause I don't cook. So I think we were all excited to get a "Mom's Home Cooked Meal" that we remember having growing up. He piled on a Huge plate of mashed potatos and gravy and piled turkey on top. I just knew he was going to throw up before he got it all down, but he didn't. He loved every bite of it. Thanks for doing this for him mom!!! I'm glad you cooked him his last Thanksgiving meal, even if you only had one pan to do it with!!!!! lol.... Memories!!!

St. George
Amy ChesleyOctober 25, 2007 @ 9:11 am

Remember when we took you out on the boat?!!! It was still pretty OLD outside. You went and bought a wet suit, which I thought you were NUTS!!!! You about passed out in the water, it was way too cold, but you stayed in and wake boarded anyway. You ended up having a blast...but froze on the way home. Lindsay said, "Dad turn on the air conditioner I'm hot." Knowing that Kris was FROZE in the back seat!!! And that it was still cold out side!!!!! We had so much fun that afternoon....

St. George
Amy & Brandon ChesleyOctober 25, 2007 @ 7:30 am

I'll never forget the time we went to Wal-mart together and you bought that football. The one you said Lil' Brandon could NEVER touch!!! We come to find out he did. In fact he snuck it off to school to play football at recess with his lil' buddies. His teacher got a hold of that ball and put BRANDON CHESLEY alon with his phne number real bg on it. When Kris found it he was MAD!!!! I still don't think Bud learned his lesson that dayy cause he still got into his stuff.

St. Geirge
Bryan S. MooreOctober 24, 2007 @ 9:27 pm

Kris, in the last year I have been getting phone calls from you asking questions about Electronics and I always loved talking to you about that. I have to admit I might be the reason why you had some many electronics. you would ask me about something particular and I woudl say, if you are going to spend the money you might as well upgrade to the nice stuff. So when I came down to visit on the weekends and walked in your room, you always had something new almost every week. I am gonna miss those phone calls asking for my advice. I wonder what kinds of electronics you have in heaven....I bet you are loving it!!

Las Vegas
Bryan S. MooreOctober 24, 2007 @ 9:16 pm


As I sit back and think abuot all the good times we had there were so many. I can remember when we went on the boat with Amy and Randy and you would be wakeboarding and I would tug on the rope then let it got so mad becuase it made you fall down...yet you got back up and said, lets do it again. After you got back in the boat you were so mad at me and said, "Bryan I am never going on the boat with you again" yet three hours later we are getting in the car to head up to Best buy, our favorite store. IT seemed that everytime we were mad at each other we would go to best buy and that would solve everything. I'm going to miss those trips there and it wont ever be the same without you.

Las Vegas, NV

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