Memories About Kristofer


JenniferJuly 22, 2008 @ 1:26 pm

I remember last year on your birthday I made your last birthday cake. I had got two pictures from mom that I was going to put on yuor cake, but I could not find them I looked and looked, but still could not find them. So I made your cake with a whole lot of flowers, do you remember that??? We laughted about that. I guess god wanted us to have a funny memorie about your last birthday with us. After dinner we went to Ellen's house and yuo, Nicholas, Gary Bob,a nd Daniel got into a firework fight we all had a great time watching you all have fun Dani was there also. Miss you so much Kris hope that you are having a great birthday in heaven.

BrendaJuly 22, 2008 @ 2:03 am

Twenty-one years ago Kristofer Edward Moore was born and our lives were forever changed. It was early in the morning when we headed for the hospital, or I should say the base clinic and then the hospital. After we got to the clinic and the doctor checked me over it was decided that I should go via ambulance to the hospital in Salt Lake City because of the long distance. If they had let me sit up instead of lying down I think we would've had a baby alot sooner. But the doctor that rode with me thought it was a better idea for me to stay lying down! I wasn't to happy about that.....but maybe he'd never helped deliver a baby before. Oh well Dad/Gary had to drive himself to the hospital . We arrived before he did and the silly people at the hospital thought the doctor was the dad....I was really unhappy about that!!! Anyway Dad finally arrived and helped me get through the labor to bring Kris into the world. He helped me get up and go to the bathroom and get back into bed and get up again and back into bed ....well you get the picture! I could'nt have done it without his help. I think we must've gotten to the hospital around 10 a.m. I remember the nurse coming into my room and asking for my permisssion to have a student mid-wife delivery the baby....mind you with the experts help though! I gave them the go ahead.....heck at that time I would've let the janitor deliver!!! Well, as it turned out after hyperventalating a little bit and alot of hard work Kris finally made his entrance into this world. We were so excited! He was a little blue and when they put that little blue cap on him he looked like Papa Smurf. He was beautiful all the same. Love is blind. Kris had to stay in the hospital when I went home.....they wanted to make sure everything was okay with him since he'd been a little blue. So, Dad and I went home without Kris. That was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. Finally we got to bring him home and it was great. While I was in the hospital Father Flores watched all of our other kids. He loved our kids so much and was really good with them and they loved him back. I'm sure Father and Kris are remembering back to when he was born and Father baby-sat all 9 siblings! Ha! Ha! Kris was born around noon-time and was one of the 13 best things to ever happen to me and Dad/Gary. Happy Birthday Kristofer. I love you and miss you. You were truly a gift from Heaven and I thank God everyday that he trusted us enough to love you and care for you until your return to Him. Have a wonderful birthday in Heaven......Love, Mom

AmyJuly 19, 2008 @ 5:06 pm

I remember that too! That's all he talked about for a week! He couldn't wait for your turkey and mashed potatos and gravy! And his plate was HUGE! I just knew he couldn't finsih it but he did! Randy and Kris had to go to his mom's house first to eat...and then ours... so when they came home , I told Randy that he had better be hungry! lol... so Kris told him to go throw up so he could eat Mom's cookin too! To make everyone happy...hehehe...Bryan and Jordan were there too! Mom remember Bryan had to bring some pots and pans down for us to borrow! I wil never forget what you said...How in the owrlddo you guys manage to cook with only one pan and that's easy...we don't cook:o) After that Kris bought a nice set of pans and a really nice knife set! (I'm using them Kris) Those were the days!

BrendaJuly 19, 2008 @ 12:58 am

I was just watching the video that Amy sent to us this past Christmas of Kris and Grandpa & Grandma and it occured to me that I was at Amy's house for Kris's last Thanksgiving. I got to cook his last Thanksgiving meal. What a wonderful gift that was and I never realized it until tonight. He loved to pile turkey on top of a huge mound of mashed potatoes and cover it with giblet gravy!!! What a great memory!

BrandonJune 8, 2008 @ 10:11 am

Just to add to what Bryan said a while ago about paintball. Here's a story about Jason, Kris, and myself I will always remember. Jason will remember this quite well!!:o) We too were playing paintball behind Val and Ronnie's house in the woods with Kris. We only had two paintball guns so we had to take turns. Jason and Kris started out the day by having a very short game. I believe Kris won that one. But don't be fooled Jason soon got his revenge. Now it was my turn against Kris. As Bryan said, he would turn his gun upside down and shoot air at you, making you think it was an array of paintballs coming towards you. My game too ended abruptly just as Jason's did. Well I believe we all finally ran out of air or we all just got so hot that it was time for us to go back in. This is where Jason got his revenge. I remember Jason tapping me on my shoulder and smiling, pointing at Kris's butt with his gun. Jason didnít shoot all of his paintballs during the game. He left just a few in his gun. I couldn't help but laugh. Just a few moments later Jason opened fired on Kris's butt!! ;oD Now the only bad thing was that he was so close to Kris that anyone of us would have started crying. Kris didnít but he wanted too. Kris looked all over the ground in order to pick up a few paintballs we dropped during the game to shoot back at Jason. Jason then grabbed Krisís barrel and said stop, lets go in. We all turned around and laughed all the way to the house. Kris was laughing along with us and once he got in the house and in clean clothes he showed us one of the biggest bruises anyone of us has ever had. We all laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. So Kris, if Jason and I ever play paintball again I'll get him back for you. (Maybe a couple of times and then you can have your laugh). We miss you Kris and miss the good times we spent with you. Always remember we all love you very much and always remember there is not a day that goes by that we all don't think about you!! Love you Kris!!

BrendaMay 9, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

Thanks for sharing that memory Bryan. I can just see you two boys playing paintball and knowing how funny it must've least to Kris! I will always remember that story and laugh. Love, Mom

BryanMay 9, 2008 @ 12:25 am

I remember one day I came down to Maryland for the weekend and Kris asked me to come play paintball with him. I had just bought a new barrel for my gun so I said, ok, letís go. I never did really like paintball that much because it hurt but I played anyways. I had the same gun Kris did and all the accessories even though it sat it my closet most of the time. So we went out to the field near the house and we both split up. Who ever has played with me they know I do the same thing every time. For some reason I think that if I empty out my paintballs really quick the game will be over and I can say I played. So Kris was up in a tree and I was in another tree about 50 yards or so apart. I was shooting Kris or I guess I should say I was shooting every tree around Kris. I think I even turned around and shot trees behind me just to shoot something. I went through about 200 balls and Kris shot maybe 5 at the most. For some reason I thought because I was out of balls the game was over. I yelled across the field to Kris and said, ďKris, Iím out of balls, game over.Ē Kris yelled back, ďThat sucks for you, I have a full tank and plenty of paintballs left!Ē Of course I said, ďIf you hit me with those Iím gonna be mad at youĒ. Kris said, ďItís alright, you will get over it.Ē So I got out of the tree and he hit me with a paintball. Oh ya, it hurt. I started running towards him thinking he would get scared and run away but he kept hitting me with paintballs. I donít know why I did that but lets just say I turned around really fast as he was chasing me around the field. I hid behind a tree and I told Kris that I had more balls and if he didnít stop I was gonna shoot him back. Kris said, ďCome out then, Iím right here!Ē Kris knew better than that, I guess when he heard my gun shooting straight air he knew I was empty. After he was done laughing at me we both walked back to the house. I had about 10 welt marks on my back and legs. Even though it hurt at the time I would never take that back because that is a memory I will always have with Kristofer.

MelissaMay 6, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

great memories about Kris is in every picture he is always smiling. I keep looking at every picture over and over and he was always smiling. what we all wouldn't give to have that just one more time. He is looking down on all of us and smiling letting us know he is alright. I know he misses us too. I just hope it's not as bad as us missing him. Smile because he is always looking. Melissa

BrendaMay 6, 2008 @ 6:20 am

Dear Kristofer,

I want you to do me a big favor from heaven. Visit Katrina in her dreams and let her know that you don't blame her for the things she did or didn't do.. How was she to know that she didn't have forever. We all have things we wish we could do over but life doen't let us. I know that you love all your family, and all of your family loves and missses you each and evvery day. Katrina , if I could take away the guilt you feel about what you did or didn't do I would because I love you. Never forget that!!

Love, Mom

KatrinaMay 6, 2008 @ 5:50 am

I remember when you worked at the movie theater in Maryland you would always get us into the newest movie free.

I remember on the 4th of July. We were at Val's house. You and Ronnie and the boys went out back to let some fireworks off. I think you guys almost caught the house on fire. You sure did love fireworks.

I remember a few days before you graduated High School I told you I couldn't make it because I had a trip. I'm sorry I went on that trip. I had leave in but canceled it because I was going to make $1200 on it. Some things you do regret and that is one of them. I remember giving you money for your graduation. I said if you don't graduate you are giving it back to me. You just smiled and said, "yes I'm graduating." :0)

I remember when you came back to Maryland in August. You called up to see if you could come get the phone I gave you. I told you and Brandon that I would bring it down to you. When I did I forgot the phone. I went by Brandon & your house but you weren't there. You were at work. I'm thankful for for for not bringing the phone that day. The day before your accident you called me about the phone. I'm sorry you never got it from Ronnie.

Miss you Kristofer. I hope you know that.

Memories about Kristofer