Memories About Kristofer


JenMarch 11, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

Kris do you remember when we lived in Cal. and we saw crock roaches and you called the coke roaches you were so cute I miss the times when you were young.

BrendaFebruary 23, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

Today, at lunch I got to thinking about when he was a little boy. He would always be without a shirt on! He was so pale, but during the summer he would turn tan. He looked so healthy then. I also remember how much he suffered with those terrible canker sores. I know he is probably happy he doesn't have to feel them anymore. I always felt bad that the doctor's could never tell us why he got them as offten or how to treat them. He became used to them over time but I know that they caused him alot of pain but he just kept it to himself. I also remember him having nose bleed after nose bleed! Again, the doctor's couldn't give us any reason or cure. He just carried a baggy full of nose plugs. He didn't let any of that bother him to much. I sure miss him!

Love, Mom

BrendaFebruary 18, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

I was just thinking about the trip we made to Maryland with Ronnie. Do you remember how tired we both were, but Ronnie still wanted to drive a little farther! We got him good though didn't we! We figured out that if we supplied him with the biggest drink possible that at least we would get to use the bathroom more often!!! LOL. I'll always remember that trip and laugh.

Love, Mom

BryanJanuary 25, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

I was cleaning the house today, as I do everyday, and in my computer room closet I found all my fireworks. I had to sit down for a second just to think. It was Oct of 2006. Kris was coming up to see a Lakers game with me, well since I bought the tickets online Kris told me he would pay me back. So he gets to my house and walks in the door with a huge bag of fireworks. Kris said, look what I got you. I said, oh they are fireworks. Well the ticket to the basketball game was only 35.00 but Kris had bought me around 100.00 worth of fireworks. He was always so generous when it came to buying things for the family. Anyways, we went to the game that night and had so much fun. When we were on the way home we talked about going to the next one when they came to Las Vegas, that was not until the next season, but we planned it anyways. Kris loved going to watch basketball games. I also remember about 2 weeks after that game Kris came back down to my house, he had a few days off and always said he was bored, when he got here it was pretty dark so right away he said, do you still have your fireworks? I said, "Of Course" We went out and lit more fireworks off and it was a blast. I never realized it but I never lit fireworks off unless Kris came down. I think in memory of Kris I will go light some off tomorrow night to remember then good times we shared when we did that.

JenniferJanuary 16, 2008 @ 7:50 am

Kris, I went ot Sonic today before work, and thought about you. Do you remember when we went there for a drink and you wanted to try contacts, well in the few minutes we had I tryed to teach you how to wear the and you did pretty good with then you said that they were harder to put in then they looked. But we got them in and they looked good on you. Ihate having to train people on how to wear them but, If I could see you just one more time even if it was to train you on how to wear contacts I would train you all day long. I miss you so much and it is still really hard to belive that you are gone. Love you, Jen

SherriJanuary 12, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

I remember when I came to Virginia to hang out with your brother Bryan. You and me instantly bonded. We all sat down and played PHASE 10. You and me ganged up on Bryan to win it all. He was getting so upset because he didnt want to lose. It was a pleasure to meet you. You were a very sweet and kind person. I'm sure you touched many lives like you did mine. I know your in a great place right now. You will truly be missed.

MooreJanuary 10, 2008 @ 5:14 am

The night we found out about your accident will be a memory none of us will ever forget.I remember you laying peaceful on the bed as we all said goodbye one last time as a family.

KatrinaJanuary 7, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

Well I know everyone remembers this memory about Kris...he was in kindergarten. We lived in Utah (Dugway). Kris was 5 or 6. Mom would put Kris in a bundle of cothing for the the kid from that Christmas Story (movie). His little arms would stick straight out. Remember that mom? We lived about 50 feet from the school. Mom would call dad from work and tell him she was sending Kris to school. The snow was up to his chest. Jason an his classmates would watch Kris walk to school. They would place bet's on how many times Kris would fall.

BrendaDecember 31, 2007 @ 6:21 pm

I was just thinking back to when Kris came home this summer. We had such a great visit with him. He was a different boy. He was happy and pleasant to be around. We really loved having him here. He tried to find a job here but didn't have any luck so he decided that maybe he should return to his old job in Maryland until January. Dad thought that was probably the best thing for him to do so that's what he did. I remember wishing he had been able to get on at Wal-Mart so he could stay with us, but I guess that wasn't supposed to happen. I know his destiny was already laid out but how I wish we could've changed it! He got to eat some of his favorite meals while at home. I know he loved that. He stayed up in Andrea's new bedroom. I told him she'd have a fit if she saw how messy he was and he'd just laugh and say, " it's my room now!" Now she would gladly give it up for him and probably even pick up after him too! When he came home he really wanted to eat at The Fish Net like when he was a kid. We took him and Jen and the little boys there for dinner one night. He ordered his usual meal....shrimp. He loved every bite you could just tell! There was one night he watched the movie Wild Hogs with us. We all laughed so hard! It was alot of fun. He often made nightly runs to Wal-Mart with Dani just to look around. I was pretty upset with her when she went back to Maryland with him, but now I know that trip was all a part of his life plan. Dani said they had a great time. They bought foot long subs at Subway for lunch and saved half for dinner. She said they had the best time together. I'm glad they got to spend that time together. It's a time she'll always remember. They must've called us a million times that day they left. Now I wish the phone would ring just one more time!

Mena, Arkansas
BrendaDecember 27, 2007 @ 9:24 pm

This memory is etched in my mind forever. That night when the phone rang and it was so late. I knew it wasn't good. I knew when Dad jumped up and ran to answer the phone that he must've felt something bad had happened! I remember listening to him talk and I could tell by his questions it was bad...really bad! I thought I would die right there. My worst fear was that we might lose a child someday, and now that fear was close! I remember wanting to get in the car right then and there and drive all night to get to the hospital!!! I knew we had to make arrangements though and that we had to bring the little girls and Jennifer with us just in case it was the last chance they got to see Kris! I remember driving faster than I'd ever driven before and then telling myself to slow down because of everyone else in the car. I will never forget when we arrived at the hospital. I thought I would pass out when I saw you! I didn't want to upset you in case you could hear us but I was so scared....scared of what I knew was going to happen! I don't know why but when I saw you I knew that you were no longer with us on this earth. I felt that you were looking down on us as we told you how much we loved you and how much we needed you to come back to us....but you had already experienced something greater and you didn't want or need to return to us. I remember hoping and praying that we had made the right decisions. I know now that we did make the right decisions and that we did out of love for you and nothing else. I remember how much I wanted to hold you in my arms one last time...but that wasn't meant to be. I hope you knew we were with you and that we loved you. I think you did.

Love, Mom

Mena, Arkansas

Memories about Kristofer