Memories About Kristofer


BrendaApril 2, 2009 @ 9:37 am

I came across a picture of Kris the other day that showed him shoveling snow from our driveway back in Maryland. He loved snow but not shoveling it!!! Dani, was telling me recently about a time it had snowed and he decided they should sled down the hill in our back yard. Now, that couldn't hurt alot!!!!

Ryan AmbroseMarch 26, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

Kevin and I drove past your old house last week, and we were laughing at how you always got locked, but somehow you always found a way in. You were always creative, especially when it came to making money.

AndiMarch 2, 2009 @ 6:50 am

Hey krissy and momma where talking with daddy and we we just laugh because we were remebering whenn mom used to send you too skoopl when it snowed and you were so buddleed up they thought you were gonna fall over. dad was saying he used to go and wait out side for you and when you would walk to him you stuck your hands out wide and walked with them like that you always looked like you were gonna fall over. we all miss you so much! i love you Krissy bear.

lindsayOctober 19, 2008 @ 8:45 pm

What I remember most about you was all your candy you would keep in your room in that big trash can. Me and Jordan would run take it and shove all the candy we wanted in my closet. I remeber when you caught us and told us that you hade a camera watching us so if we did it again we would be in big trouble. So then we would crawl on our knees so the camera would not catch us and get it that way, until you locked your door. Then one day we were in the car and told us that apparnelty he never had it on! I was so mad becasue my knees were red from you carpet burns. This is what I remeber about your candy bars. I miss you Kris! Even if you were mean sometimes.

lindsayOctober 19, 2008 @ 8:40 pm

I will always remember that time you hade a very nice pillow . And i wanted to take it to school for read a long. And you picked me and lil' brandon up from school.And when you got out of the car and it had DARK BROWN dirt on it and when we got home you made me stand in the corner, of the wall. With my head up until my mom got home . UNFORTUNATLY my mom got home a hour later i could notmove my head and then . Then he said to never touch his stuff again.

BrendaOctober 15, 2008 @ 7:11 pm

I was just remembering back when I had broken my ankle and couldn't drive. Danielle and Ashley had to go to Kings Dominon Amusement Park for a Cheerleading Competition in Virginia. Well, since I couldn't drive and Dad couldn't either we had to have Kris drive us and the three girls. As everyone knows I don't do very well with a teenage driver!! But, Kris did a great job. It was about two hours up and then two hours back. He had to take directions from Dad and keep us from having an accident at the same time! He did really good. I think Dad even told him so. I don't remember being afraid while he was driving which is a miracle. After driving for two hours on the freeway he then had to go to the competition! Talk about adding insult to injury!!! He's probably laughing about that trip now, but back then he sure wasn't. You did a great job Kris! Thanks for helping us out.

BrendaOctober 13, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

Katie I loved your memory. Andrea and I were looking through a magazine with lots of things for Halloween the other day. We started remembering when Kris used to go Trick-or-Treating! He loved it!!! We started laughing when we remembered he didn't use just any ole bag to hold his treats......he used his pillowcase!! While we taked about that memory would you believe that right there in the magazine was Trick-or-Treating brought back some fun memories of Kris.

KatibugOctober 12, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

I was just thinking about kristofer the other day and i was eating sour punch straw candies. Well theni remembered he would always go and get candy and he would bring back about a pound of 2 different types of candy in a bag well one was the sour punch straws and i would always beg him to give me some. It only took 3 tries then he let me have some. But he would always make me trow the trash out. Krissy bear was a super nice uncle but he was lazy.

BrendaSeptember 9, 2008 @ 11:50 pm

I was just thinking about when he played T Ball. He spent his entire time playing in the dirt between 1st and 2nd base. I don't remember him being up to bat, just playing in the dirt.......

AmySeptember 9, 2008 @ 10:29 pm

Just thinking back just before you passed away about 3 days to be exact... you called me from a store in the mall called Things to Remember...and asked what Randy's favorite team was and if he would like this mug from there? I told him yeah he would love it... now usually I'd say, "Save your money!" But this time I didn't...I just said, "He'd love that!" So you told me that on pay day you were going to pick this up for Randy and get his name put on it! You had just bought my Dad and the boys one... and remember that flask you bought for Jason...(I think that's how you spell that) said you had spent all your money but in 4 days you'd go back... that four days never had the accident a couple days later:o( That's how you were Kris ....always thinking of others! After you passed the boys went into your room that you shared with Brandon and found the bag that he had all the mugs/flask in and I told the boys that Iknew exactly what they were for! Kind of neat that you did this for the boys and Dad before you left this world! The boys and da will cherish them always...and Jason still asks ....'WHY????" Why the too funny! I sure do miss you! Just trying to think back on the past year of memories we had with you! Glad we have so many:o) We love ya Kris~ Amy

Memories about Kristofer