To Kristofer With Love:

You came into my world on a warm summer day,
That day will be forever embedded in my mind
You were so soft and beautiful, I remember it so well
And I can still recall how sweet you smelled
Just like all newborns do.
You were destined to be so special
It was plain for all to see
Because you were my little boy,
The one God had sent to me.
I hope God knows how grateful
I was to have you in my life
You made a difference in my world
As you did for all those who crossed paths with you in life.
Your time upon this earth
Was cut way to short for me
My only comfort is knowing
That God only calls home those
That have finished what he had planned for them
During the time they were on this Earth.
Though I might cry tears of sadness
I can hear you say to me,
"Don't cry for me.....I am where I was always meant to be."