To Kristofer, With Love:


"Between now and then, till I see you again, I'll be loving you.  Love, Me"

-Collin Raye, Love Me-


Dear Kris,

Twenty short years ago on July 22, 1987, you came into my life and changed my world for ever. I can remember that day as if it were yesterday. When you were placed in my arms I remember being over come with joy and thinking to myself that I would never love another little boy as much as I loved you. I never gave it much thought until now, but God never sent me another little boy after you were born so He must've known how special you were. I can still remember how beautiful you were and how sweet you smelled. I thought to myself how truly blessed I was and what a wonderful gift God had given to me the day you were born. As the years went by you grew from a cute little blonde haired boy into a handsome young man. I want to tell you just how proud your dad and I were of you. You were on the right track to creating a good life for yourself. We were also proud of the kind of person you had become. You were a kind, compassionate, loving and caring human being. You lived your life to the fullest and loved every moment of it. Kris, when you came home this past July and we celebrated your last birthday your dad and I couldn't have been happier. We thoroughly enjoyed it when you took the time to sit and talk to us or came into our room just to watch a silly movie with us.

When you asked your dad for advice concerning your future and actually listened to him it made him feel closer to you than ever before. Thank you for doing that.

Kris, Bryan, said you now know all the answers to all of our questions about life after death. What a wonderful gift that must be for you!

In closing Kristofer, I want to tell you, I love you more than words can say. There will never be a day that I don't think about you, or an hour I don't miss you, or a second I don't love you. I have only one wish for you Kris and that is that you will know eternal happiness in heaven.

Kris, Father Norbert told us you're not an angel, you're better than that, you are a Saint, so pray for us all that we will have the strength to go on living without you.

This is not good-bye Kris, but see you later Krissy Bear.

All my love,

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